The Income-Compositional Symmetry Principle, Labor-Owned Enterprise, & Financially Engineered Capital-Sharing

These books and papers develop means of financially engineering a just distribution of productive resources and opportunities for all, fostering the emergence of what Hockett calls 'A Republic of Producers.' The guiding principle animating these works is that all citizens' income-compositions should mirror that of the macroeconomy itself, which Hockett calls 'The Income-Compositional Symmetry Principle.' Proceeding along these lines, Hockett shows, is both a requirement of justice as elaborated in his works under the 'High Theory' Heading above, but also the sole means of ensuring perpetual material improvement and the financial-cum-macroeconomic stability that is prerequisite to that continuity.

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Columns, OpEds, Occasional Journalism

I'm no Marx or Keynes, but like them I do try to accompany most of my scholarly, policy advocacy, and legislative work with more accessible journalistic companion pieces. Here are some of my regular columns for Forbes, The Hill, FT, and Huffington Post, along with other occasional journalism.

The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal initiative begun in 2018 marked the beginning of a return to ambitious public-private coordination in the cause of rebuilding the American economy along more just, productive, and sustainable lines. Hockett worked with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her team from the start on the GND Resolution introduced to Congress in early 2019, then on the initiative's finance plan as well as much follow-up legislation found in the 'Legislation' Module of this site.

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