Draft Legislation

The Draft Legislation here gives specific statutory expression to many of the programmatics laid out in the Plans & Schemes module. Some of these bills have been formally proposed in the US Congress, sundry state legislatures, and various city councils. Others await formal spnsorship.

Image: Frances Perkins, Architect of the New Deal and first woman to serve in a White House Cabinet
  1. The Federal Deposit Insurance Completion Act of 2023 (Rep. Khanna & Sen. Rubio, Congressional Sponsors)
  2. The National Reconstruction and Continuous Development Act of 2021 (Rep. Khanna & Sen. Rubio, Congressional Sponsors)
  3. The Stop Wall Street Landlords Act of 2022 (Reps. Khanna, Porter, & Takano, Congressional Sponsors)
  4. The Treasury Dollar Act of 2020
  5. The Empire State Inclusive Value Ledger Establishment and Administration Act of 2019 (Assemblyman Ron Kim & Senator Julia Salazar, NY Legislature Sponsors)
  6. The Corporate Democracy and Accountability Plan of 2019 (Sen. Sanders, Congressional Sponsor)
  7. The Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act of 2019 (Sen. Sanders and Reps. Lee and Tlaib, Congressional Sponsors)
  8. The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act of 2019 (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez & Sen. Sanders, US Congressional Sponsors)
  9. The Green New Deal Resolution (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez & Sen. Markey, Congressional Sponsors)
  10. The Simplified Mortgage and Recorded Title ('SMART') Act of 2019 (w/ William Fry)
  11. The Employee Rights in Employer Bankruptcy Act of 2019
  12. The Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act of 2018 (Sen. Sanders, Congressional Sponsor)
  13. The Accountable Capitalism Act of 2018 (Sen. Warren, Congressional Sponsor)
  14. The US Territorial Relief Act of 2018 (Sens. Warren, Sanders, Gillibrand, Markey, Harris, and Velazquez, Congressional Sponsors)
  15. The Home Mortgage Bridge Loan Assistance Act of 2012 (w/ Michael Campbell, Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
  16. The Nation Building Here at Home Act of 2012 (Rep. Brian Higgins, Congressional Sponsor)
  17. The Outsourcing Cost Defrayment Act of 2022
  18. The Land Grant University and STEM Education Renewal Act of 2022
  19. The Owner-Occupied Real Estate Protection and Encouragement Act of 2022 (see also Stop Wall Street Landlords Act, supra)
  20. The Expedited National Reconstruction Permitting Act of 2023
  21. A Complaint Template for Legal Challenges to the Statutory 'Debt Ceiling'
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The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal initiative begun in 2018 marked the beginning of a return to ambitious public-private coordination in the cause of rebuilding the American economy along more just, productive, and sustainable lines. Hockett worked with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her team from the start on the GND Resolution introduced to Congress in early 2019, then on the initiative's finance plan as well as much follow-up legislation found in the 'Legislation' Module of this site.

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